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Why invest in cryptocurrency?

Why invest in cryptocurrency?

It's a decentralized currency

One of the essential peculiarity of bitcoin is that it is a decentralized currency that does not depend on a third person or authority that has the right to issue this currency at will seems likely to cause a devaluation of its value.

Decentralized means free. Therefore if you buy bitcoin, the only thing that will change its price is the purchase or sale of other people who want to buy bitcoin.

You become your own bank

Being your own bank means being able to dispose of your money where you want and when you want. Can you transfer money to someone Saturday morning who will receive it Saturday night, where even Sunday? Impossible with all commercial banks online or not.

With bitcoin, this problem is a thing of the past. You'll steal your money when you want, who you want securely and no one has the right to stop you from doing it or give you a 24-72 hour waiting time.

It's gold 2.0

Bitcoin is the gold of new generations. Gold is a safe haven because since we know it and use it, it has always been valuable whatever the period in which we were.

Bitcoin, despite its young age has already come a long way. Two years ago to the day its value was 330 €, today at this precise hour, it is worth 4934 €. 3 years ago, 110 € and 1 year before, in 2012, only 10.5 €.

It's the currency of freedom

You want to withdraw more than 2000 € without having to wait 3 days ?, It's possible.

You want to raise funds quickly and without being accountable to your banker to develop a project? It's possible.

You want to pay without the need for someone to return your payment in all directions to know if it is true or false, it is possible, with the bitcoin.

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This technology is decentralized and regulated exclusively by supply and demand. Without a third party, without a bank, without a state.


We do not share any of your data with a third party


Your funds are kept safe in category 1 of European banks

Invest in virtual currency

A cryptocurrency is a virtual currency that operates independently of banks and governments, but who can still be exchanged and on which he is possible to speculate, just like any other physical currency.

There are a large number of crypto-currencies available.
At Iminage, we you propose to trade via online trading on the most crypto currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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